Sheffield University

St George's Phase 2

St George’s Phase 2 has been one of Newell’s most challenging projects, carried out on the 9th and 10th floor of an occupied building.

This is, in no uncertain terms, a logistical nightmare!!! The 26 week program, with a circa value of 2.9 million, to deliver a state of the art Lab Facility. The project is now approaching its final 4 weeks prior to completion and handover.

Under the joint supervision of Rob Newell and Rick Hall the project has been run with military precision. The two floors are so heavily serviced, it was imperative that coordination of our subcontractors was paramount.

Below you will see a collection of photographs demonstrating this:


Nearing Completion Lab Furniture Installed and protected.


Installation of Electrical Control Panel


Full extent of Lab Gas Installation


Electrical Cable Tray receiving Cabling and Data


Open ceiling with Heating and Flue Gases installed


New Suspended Ceiling Grid in place, above is heavily serviced ceiling void


Lab Gases Pipework and Extract duct in place for installation of Fume Cupboards. With Electrical Tray and Heating Pipes to complete the picture


Fume Cupboards in place


Heating and Cooling Air Handling Unit fitted at high level