Newell’s new office space



Newell’s new offices are now in the finishing stages of the project.

As you can see, ceiling bulkheads and internal and external glass are now in place. The external facades are awaiting the bespoke aluminium panels to complete the crisp and clean exterior vision. We can also confirm the building will now take the name of Cedar House. We look forward to showing the soft furnishing stage with our next installment.


Newell's Projects - Cedar Park 7

Newell's Projects - Cedar Park 8

Newell's Projects - Cedar Park 6


Newell’s have just embarked on the design and build of their new purpose built office space.

Work has now commenced on the New Office Space. Three days in and you can now see the internal linings taking place.

photo 1

Below the new window openings have been formed in order to fill the space with an abundance of natural light.

photo 2

photo 3