University of Sheffield

Mappin Building

This is a full renovation project of a six story building with a net value of 2.3 million, to be completed in 27 weeks.


Mappin - On Going 43
Grid ceiling installed ready for tiles.

Mappin - On Going 42
Bulkhead ceiling detail.

Mappin - On Going 37
Ground floor common room bulkhead constructed ready for skimming and lighting to be installed.

Mappin - On Going 35
Mechanical ventilation being installed on 1st floor.

Mappin - On Going 33
Just a shell at the minute. But soon to be state of the art broadcast suite.

Mappin - On Going 31
1st fix partition walls with timber patresses installed ready for wiring and insulation.

Mappin - On Going 26
IPS panelling in one of the 18no WC’s to be installed in the refurbishment.

Mappin - On Going 23Partition wall with profiles installed for the glazed screens with integrated blinds.

Mappin - On Going 22
Spools of data cable ready to be installed into ceiling voids.

Mappin - On Going 20
Corridor wall showing openings to take just 6 of 72 in total glazed screens and doors to be installed to give light and open space feel to new offices.

Mappin - On Going 19
View of grid ceiling showing the structural ceiling soffit above.

Mappin - On Going 17
Wiring for lighting installed to ceiling structural sopphit awaiting grid ceiling to be installed which will in turn take lighting units.

Mappin - On Going 6
Containment and tray in place awaiting electrical cable to be laid in to it above grid ceiling.

Mappin - On Going 4
Mechanical ventilation being insulated.

Mappin - On Going 47
On-Site construction drawings.