Is this the hot new office chair?

Say hello to HiLo…

…a seat that keeps you on your feet.

Small, simple, and something new, this playful perch will change the way you work. With its friendly design and revolutionary spirit, HiLo keeps you balanced between active and relaxed, fun and functional, sitting and standing.


Do more on the fly

Whether working alone or together, within tight spaces or tight deadlines, you can perch when the moment strikes, and pop up when it passes.


Discover new ways to collaborate

This playful prop makes any space a meeting place: pull it up to share a screen, pop in on a meeting, or have an impromptu chat.


Sit, stand, perch

Take a load off while staying on your toes. A handy complement to height adjustable desks, HiLo lets you choose more than just sitting or standing.


Branch out

HiLo is a personal, compact office companion designed for dynamic environments. It keeps you on your feet, so your ideas can take flight.

There is a serious health concern in today’s office culture – many who work all day sitting on their desks don’t get sufficient exercise. Still, a standing desk may not be for everyone. Sold by Knoll Home Design and created by Box Clever, HiLo is the chair design that could promote a healthier working stance in the office.


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